This project requires students to come up with a controversial topic and create a three-day conference. The article I selected features a giraffe named Marius who was killed because his genes were well represented among the captive giraffe population in Copenhagen Zoo. It raised a discussion among the animal rights activist who mounted a last minute campaign to save Marius. The campaign collected nearly 30,000 online signatures against the killing of Marius and found several zoos willing to pay for Marius’ transfer. However, Marius was killed and the autopsy was open to visitors (children and parents) as an educational opportunity, its remains were given to lions and other zoo's big cats.

I think it is unnecessary to kill a giraffe at the zoo in front of the kids. It’s disrespectful to life and all animals. We, human beings, wouldn’t kill each other because we have too many of our own kind, so why should a giraffe be killed because there are too many of them? I want to convey a message of respect for all living things. The zookeeper killed a giraffe at the zoo in front of the children, which implies that there are no other solutions better than killing the giraffe. This is not a correct way to solve the problem and educate our children. 

Key benefit
After attending this conference, they will learn from three different standpoints and have a better understanding of animal rights. Also, they will understand that there are always different perspectives on one thing. 




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